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Arianna Williams

Arianna Williams, 24, is an Afro-Latinx graduate of New York University. She is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and is now living in Los Angeles, California. She currently serves as the Director of The Shoutout at JUV Consulting. If Arianna is not in a rehearsal room, she is probably reading an epic romance novel, watching the newest episode of Love Island, or explaining the “dry heat” of Phoenix to everyone who asks where she is from!


At JUV, Arianna collaborates with the creative team to develop innovative influencer marketing campaigns, oversees casting and contracting of influencers for said campaigns and supports the Managing Director of The Shoutout. She utilizes her experience as a Black and Latinx artist to advocate for inclusive and wholistic representation of her generation in influencer marketing.


Her dream is to continue making Art in Theatre/Film spaces and one day own her own production company to continue creating work that uplifts members of her community.

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