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“I've created and been to A LOT of events over the years, but the first ever ZCON delivered something truly unique. The format and programming was so fresh (all Gen Z on stage, dance party breaks and community "prom"), the JUV team knocked it out of the park it's freshman year and I can't wait to see where they take it next. My biggest takeaway? Gen Z is energized, clear of purpose, passion, and a "take no prisoners" bias for action to do what's right. So inspiring!”


Krystal Hauserman




"ZCON is a conference like no other.  Unapologetic and unabashedly Gen Z at their best.  Honest, vulnerable, celebratory, confident and engaged.  As a Gen X’er, it was a great environment to engage with Gen Z’ers, to learn from them, to increase my understanding and to help bridge a little of the generation gap.  JUV Consulting was at their best with ZCON."

Christiane Pendarvis

Former President of Savage X Fenty, Current Board Member for Hims & Hers


“ZCON is a cultural renaissance of the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, activists, and builders coming together to discuss plans for the future and how our generation can step up — in collaboration with the generations who have come before us.” 


Patrick Finnegan

Managing Partner

Intuition Capital 


“ZCON became a symbol for inclusion. Two days where everyone could share, learn and celebrate what makes us different and most importantly, how we can come together. For brands, this was especially meaningful as there is nothing more powerful than having an emotional connection with your audience and ZCON showed the way.” 

Michelle Wong




“I think most of us already know that members of Gen Z are courageous risk-takers. But to see this in action at ZCON, the first-ever Gen Z conference, was amazing. JUV Consulting was able to bring together a diverse community of people that represented different ages, backgrounds, races, socioeconomic statuses, genders, and career levels to convene in a collaborative setting to discuss important topics that impact current and future generations. I am amazed at what appeared to be a flawless execution by a generation that is still so misunderstood and underestimated. Ziad Ahmed and JUV Consulting are leading the way and we should all be ready to enjoy the ride.”


Dr. Theresa Watts



"Just as Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history, ZCON was the most diverse and forward-looking conference I have ever attended. It was great to see the perspectives of so many underrepresented groups of young people front and center and to have powerful business leaders listening to us. ZCON truly flipped the script." 


Kahlil Greene

The Gen Z Historian


"ZCON was the most refreshing conference I have been to yet. GenZ and Millennials discussing issues that are relevant to THEM. I learned from them, established new relationships and reconnected with old friends. I left so motivated. Each and every speaker simply blew my mind. Can’t wait for next year."


Lisa Licht

Former CMO


Untitled design (2)_edited.png

“A flip on how to create connected community and meaningful conversations, ZCON was an incredible conference about Gen Z by Gen Z. Being the change they want to see in the world GenZ is expecting more of themselves and other generations. I gained such new perspectives and challenges to my thinking that I will continue to carry forward in my work and life.” 


Brigitte Wolf




“ZCON had a better lineup than Coachella. Not only was it a blast, but the content and insight gained at this innovative conference was unmatched. It was an incredible experience being a speaker and sharing a stage with such accomplished young leaders. If you are on the fence about attending or even speaking, let me help you and say to just send it. I can guarantee it will be worthwhile! I wish every conference was this much fun and insightful!” 


AJ Eckstein


fast company logo.png

“ZCON was an incredible experience. A great example of what happens when young people aren't simply invited to the table, but rather build the table.”


Chelsea Miller

Activist & Founder


freedom march_edited.png

“ZCON was one of the most unique business events I’ve ever attended. Curated by Gen Z to help create an understanding of the intentions and interests of our next group of leaders, I was fascinated to see how purposeful and heart-centered they are and how dedicated they are to the causes that they are passionate about. As someone who works with Gen Z as much as I do, it was nice to finally see things from their perspective. Kudos to Ziad and the JUV Consulting team!” 


Chris Detert


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