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Brandon Farbstein

Brandon Farbstein is a 23 year old speaker, Gen Z activist, and author. He inspires millions of people across the globe with his universal message of living life on your own terms and building the framework for self-acceptance.  Born with an extremely rare form of dwarfism (metatropic dysplasia), Brandon has turned his life experience of suffering, isolation, and victimhood into empowerment, impact and influence. After a severe battle with cyberbullying in high school, he decided to share his story- to both offer hope and to enact change. Brandon was the driving force behind two new pieces of legislation that were signed into law in Virginia by the time he turned 18. He frequently advises foundations, boards, and large scale organizations on their DEI/social impact efforts, especially towards the disability community - the largest minority group in the world comprising 15% of the global population.

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