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Daniel Ojo

Daniel, 22, is a Nigerian-American from Houston, Texas, and the Associate Director of Social Impact at JUV Consulting. Currently, he is a graduate student at Cornell University’s Institute for Public Affairs, where he will receive his master’s in public administration with a concentration in Human Rights and Social Policy. He is a recent graduate from the University of North Texas, where he received his B.A in Political Science and Criminal Legal Studies. Daniel was an active student leader involved in the Student Government Association, Black Student Union, University Program Council, and many more during his undergraduate career. He was also a Summer 2020 Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) scholar at Princeton University. If Daniel isn’t doing schoolwork, you can fix him binge-watching reality tv, online shopping, or making a design on Canva. He is a Libra sun, Gemini rising, and Taurus moon (and it shows). 


His experiences as a first-generation Nigerian lay the foundation for his passions for activism and advocacy. As a racial equity practitioner, he prioritizes marginalized communities and dedicates his work to deconstructing and abolishing systems of oppression. 

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