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Jacq Banal

Jacq Banal is a first gen Filipino-American, TikTok reference and all things pop culture lover currently doing social media at COMPLEX. if you’ve ever seen one of their posts on your feed, chances are Jacq Banal was behind it. from interviewing stars on the Oscar’s red carpet or Barbie Movie premiere, jumping out of planes with Red Bull, to filming courtside at NBA All-Star weekend, she has and always will find a way to capture the content. Jacq started her career in social media by building pages for small businesses founded + owned by WOC. She then transitioned into supporting tech giants like Instacart and Robinhood and eventually made her way into the pop culture and entertainment space at Complex where she currently owns + operates pages for their millions of followers. as Jacq continues to add onto her 4 year long career in social, she hopes to provide resources and opportunities to others in the hopes of making the social media industry a more diverse place.

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