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Talia von Oelhoffen

Meet Talia, a dynamic and determined young athlete hailing from Tri-Cities, WA. Born into a family of sports enthusiasts, Talia's passion for competition and athletics runs deep. Her mom's Division 1 basketball background and her dad's 15-year NFL career provided a nurturing environment for her to grow and excel in the world of sports. In 2020, Talia's dedication and talent earned her a spot at Oregon State University to play basketball.  Talia's competitive spirit was evident as she jumped right into the lineup, playing 11 impactful games for OSU even before her official freshman year commenced. It has only been up from there as Talia has led OSU in scoring the last 2 seasons and been named to the All-Pac12 team. As a panelist, she'll share her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, NIL marketing, and staying true to one's passion. Beyond her athletic pursuits, Talia is a true multitasker, with interests ranging from various other sports such as tennis and volleyball, a love for marvel movies and enjoying the outdoors up in Oregon. Welcoming Talia, as she opens up about her journey as an athlete, her dreams for the future, and her unwavering enthusiasm for all things women in sports!

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