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Zahra is a Gen-Z, Afghan-American, Hijabi, lifestyle content creator who has amassed over 4 million followers across her TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels, by creating wholesome, funny, and relatable content. Named by Forbes as one of the most well-known faces of Muslim TikTok, Zahra’s impact on her community speaks for itself. Followers love her positive and energetic energy and that she’s not afraid to be herself! Zahra has previously represented TikTok at the GRAMMY’S and Milan Fashion week, and was a featured creator at VidCon Abu Dhabi 2021, VidCon Anaheim 2022, & the upcoming inaugural VidCon Baltimore 2023. During her time as a creator, Zahra has worked with premiere brands like Dove, Amazon, AmEx, Chipotle, NYX Cosmetics, RayBan, American Eagle, Apple, and more.

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