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Ziad Ahmed

Ziad Ahmed is the Founder/CEO of JUV Consulting. He is from Princeton, New Jersey — and still nostalgic about his childhood days playing Webkinz, visiting compulsively, and fiddling around with Google SketchUp. He might be 23 now, but he is still equally enchanted by internet trends, culture, and his generation. 


Ziad is a graduate of Yale University, where he studied social media’s impact on politics. In 2013, he founded Redefy, a non-profit focused on creating resources to make schools more inclusive. His work has been commended by the likes of President Barack Obama personally (super surreal), PBS, and The Washington Post. He might not be a teenager anymore (he can feel himself going grey already) — he remains committed to being a progressive advocate. Ziad has advised numerous organizations/politicians/campaigns, served on non-profit boards, and organized with various groups. He has given four TEDxTalks, written for Teen Vogue, and spent too much time on TikTok. He was named to Forbes #30Under30 at 19, in the Marketing/Advertising category — and he has spoken everywhere from American Express to the Council on Foreign Relations to university dining halls. 


You can choose to read on (bore yourself) about the incredible opportunities Ziad has been lucky enough to have access to via, or you can see his attempts to be ~quirky~ via Instagram @ziadahmed. Ultimately though, all you really need to know about him is that he feels privileged everyday to lead JUV with purpose — and believes in the power of Generation Z. He came up with the idea of JUV because he saw how often young people were being slept on throughout his journey — and he remains excited every day to wake people up to how much better the world looks when diverse young people are heard.

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